Saturday, 1 January 2011

Jock Dredd sketch.

Ok, I haven't posted anything for a while so I'll reboot things with this, a lovely dredd sketch by the very talented 'jock'. I met him at the London MCM Expo, he was there with Andy Diggle, both really nice guys. I also got some things by Sean Phillips, Gary Erskine, things signed by Chris Claremont and many other people that I hope to post soon, oh and lots of stuff that I got signed by Pat Mills in a comic shop.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Patrick Goddard Commission- finished!

Yes, this is it, finally I can see the finished product (not that it took that long anyway)! Everything is exceeds my expectations, and they were very high to start off with. This is for my birthday on the 22nd of September (He e-mailed me this now so I could give an opinion before it arrived) and he's even included the date of my birthday below the prog number! It's fantastic! Not much else I can say, I highly recommend the commission process, especially with patrick Goddard, and if you want to a commission I should be able to put you in contact with some artists.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mafia 2

Maybe I should start by saying that I'm going to be reviewing games and such with a rating and a few sentences, so they'll be short. Obviously this isn't going to be that short because of my explaining. I'll sometimes do more in depth reviews as well. Mafia 2:

Good story driven game. Convincing environment, brilliant set pieces (you'll feel like you're in a movie). Good graphics. I even found my self thinking 'NOOOOOOOOO!' as everything*(spoiler)* started to go wrong for Vito *(end spoiler)*.   8.75 out of 10. Great!

Red Sun comic store opening in Chelmsford, Essex...

By what I've heard on the board, not many of you live in my area, or Essex in general, but in case you do I should tell you this. Red Sun comics and collectibles shall be opening in 'Autumn' 2010. For me this is great news, for years I've been traveling back and forth to Colchester to go to Ace Comics (I'll still probably go there as well as Red Sun). It will open in high Chelmer or the 'precinct' end of town next to the Chelmsford cricket shop, around the corner from game. If any of you live in the area, I'm sure you'll be as glad to hear this as I am.
I'm not sure what there plans are, if they'll have guests or not ( at Colchester I met Pat Mills, Jon Haward and John Watson) but I looked through the grated shutter and saw that they pretty much just need to stock the shelves, so they might be nearly ready.
The website (not properly running yet but has some info):
Another website with adress details etc:


In case you didn't know...

... I'm will tthe mightyW off of the 2000ad board (ridiculous name, I know) and I used to have a blog called the mighty w. Well, I couldn't acsess it so I made this one, in a way it's a good thing because I hadn't been posting regularly on the old one, and I can scrap the stupid name ( you probably think this one is equally stupid!).
I'll probably post more and it might not just be 2000ad stuff, there'll prbably be some of my art at some stage aswell. Unfortunately, changing my name on the 2000ad board could be a big hassle so I wont do it. To sum up, I'm the same on the board, but different on blogger.
Thank you for reading my ramblings.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Patrick Goddard Commission

Now I know you're probably thinking that I have A huge abundance of cash because I've posted two commission pics in one day, well this one is a present. As the title states it's by Patrick Goddard, and, although it's only in its pencil stage at the moment, it already looks brilliant. The scrawler's me by the way.
As you would expect I'm very pleased with this and can't wait for the finished thing!

PJ Holden commision

Yes that's right, the brillinat PJ Holden was offering commissions on the 2000AD board and I couldn't resist!
It's inked on bristol board and the pose is based off a classic Dave Gibbons Rogue cover.
This great Rogue Trooper piece is now framed on my wall, anyone looking for a commission, I would highly recommend PJ Holden.