Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Red Sun comic store opening in Chelmsford, Essex...

By what I've heard on the board, not many of you live in my area, or Essex in general, but in case you do I should tell you this. Red Sun comics and collectibles shall be opening in 'Autumn' 2010. For me this is great news, for years I've been traveling back and forth to Colchester to go to Ace Comics (I'll still probably go there as well as Red Sun). It will open in high Chelmer or the 'precinct' end of town next to the Chelmsford cricket shop, around the corner from game. If any of you live in the area, I'm sure you'll be as glad to hear this as I am.
I'm not sure what there plans are, if they'll have guests or not ( at Colchester I met Pat Mills, Jon Haward and John Watson) but I looked through the grated shutter and saw that they pretty much just need to stock the shelves, so they might be nearly ready.
The website (not properly running yet but has some info):
Another website with adress details etc:


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